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Ultras - An ultramarathon is any running event longer than a marathon (i.e. 26.2 miles). An ultrarun is any unusually difficult running event, regardless of distance (e.g. Pikes Peak Marathon).

My favorite kind of running is long distance on trails, and my favorite kind of running events are ultramarathons, for many reasons. I like being away from pavement and cars, I like the scenery, I like the challenge, and I especially like the people.

Nearby Ultras

Here are a few of the ultras within driving distance of Western PA:

Ultra Sites

Here are some links to some interesting ultramarathon-related sites:

Pittsburgh Running

Most of my running is on bike paths and hiking trails.  The Pittsburgh area has some great trails.


Hashing is a good activity for people who take running and/or themselves too seriously and for people that are tired of people who take running and/or themselves too seriously. There's all kinds of good info on hashing -- check it out: