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Michael Franusich


1996-2004  Symbol Technologies, Inc., Senior Software Engineer.  I'm the original member of the team that developed Symbol's three generations of enterprise wireless network (802.11) management tools: WNMS, AirBEAM Manager, and SEMM.  Besides helping to design, build, and maintain these three complex systems, my responsibilities also include extensive customer interaction, including pre-sales, deployment, training, and customizations.
1992-1996  Michael Franusich, Software Engineer.  Projects include GIS consulting for the US Army and a defense contractor, major graphics work on a simulator for a Swiss nuclear power plant, and Motif-based GUI's for a high-speed multi-protocol network node and a nuclear fuel tracking system.
1988-1992  Carnegie Group, Inc, Pittsburgh, PA Senior Engineer. Hired to pioneer company's move to X11, and later, Motif. Developed GUI's for several major projects. Designed, built, and maintained a large library of code used by several projects to display complex interactive drawings under Motif. Designed and built a modular set of map display and coordinate transformation routines to support Geographical Information System (GIS) functionality in Motif applications.
1982-1988  Digital Research, Monterey, CA Senior Engineer. Wrote first certified Fortran-77 compiler for Intel 8x86-based platforms. Formed, staffed, and managed documentation team for compiler division. Worked on GEM, DRI's pre-Windows graphics-based environment, and as the company shrank, worked on FlexOS, DRI's real-time operating system.
1980-1982  Four-Phase Systems, Cupertino, CA Software Engineer. Developed system software and documentation for proprietary hardware.


University of California at Santa Cruz Bachelor of Arts, Computer Science, 1979. Extensive coursework in compiler technology. Graduated with honors because of work in optimizing automatic theorem proving.
University of Texas at Arlington Graduate studies in Linguistics 1979-1980. Focused on machine translation of natural languages.

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