Michael D. Franusich

Where I Live

I live in Upper St. Clair, which is about twelve miles south of Pittsburgh, in Western Pennsylvania. Upper St. Clair used to be mainly a farming community, but in the past few decades the farms have given way to upscale housing plans, with a lot of open space to still give it a semi-rural feel. 

The terrain is rolling hills with very little flat ground, so most of the roads follow ridges or valleys. The vegetation is almost entirely deciduous -- the woods are densely lush in the warmer months and depressingly barren in the winter. There is an abundance of wildlife, particularly garden-munching deer.

Where I Work

I'm a software developer for Symbol Technologies in the Pittsburgh office. Symbol is mostly known for bar code scanners and related systems, but I'm primarily working with Symbol's wireless LAN products. 

Previously I was an independent developer, working mainly with Motif-based GUI's and specialized graphics for custom information systems. 

Check out my resume for more information.

What I Do for Fun

Most of my recreational activities involve burning a lot of calories outdoors, particularly running, biking, and riding my horse, Stoney (Ironstone's Photo).


You can reach me at: 
email: mdf@franusich.com